Thanks God (or anything/anyone you believe in) today most important thing is how we feel, not how old are we. Women in their fifties aren’t stereotypical grandmothers in baggy dresses already. Now they are stylish, glamorous and often amazingly creative. They don’t care if something is unseemly in their age. They are strong, beautiful and self-confident. We can see them on red carpet or on streets of our cities. I prepared a list of these inspiring women who are in their fifties or older and still look stunning.

1. Meryl Streep

She was born in 1949 and she always look perfect. She isn’t afraid of low necklines.

2. Iris Apfel

She is in her nineties and she don’t care. She has her own style, she plays with the fashion. She is amazing.

3. Julianne Moore

Moore was born in 1960 and her best roles she played as mature woman.

4. Accidental Icon

She was an old lady, who plays with fashion and share it on Instagram. Her career started accidentally – one photographer took her a photo because he was thinking she is some star/celebrity.

5. Sharon Stone

Stone is really an icon. Now she is in her sixties and looks really stunning.